Stewart Green


When it comes to helping the environment, there’s always more to learn.

Every day more and more discoveries are made showing the catastrophic effects of global warming. Leading scientists believe we must take decisive action within the next 10 years or the effects will be irreversible. And right here in the United States is ground zero. With just four percent of the world's population, the people here in the U.S. produce 25 percent of the carbon dioxide pollution from fossil-fuel burning – by far the largest share of any country. In fact, the United States emits more carbon dioxide than China, India and Japan, combined.

Take a moment to look at some of the facts about global warming and peruse our frequently asked questions section for more information about both subjects, and you’ll see why we’ve begun our move to green now. Every day we’re striving harder to do our part and make the real estate transaction and our offices more eco-friendly.

After learning about the reasons for moving to green, contact your local Stewart office, and let them know you’re interested in the green closing process.

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